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Important Web Statistics for Businesses in 2023

Important Web Statistics for Businesses Devices

Creating a website that is user friendly and easy to navigate on all devices is imperative for businesses in today's age of mobile devices. Swiss Gear, the company behind Swiss Gear backpacks, luggage, travel accessories, watches, and the Genuine Swiss Army Knife™, revamped their website after initially launching in 2016, and were able to generate 132% more online revenue year over year (The Good).


Important Web Statistics for Businesses #1)

Mobile devices are responsible for almost 2/3 of all online traffic (SimilarWeb).

Important Web Statistics for Businesses from SimlarWeb

Important Web Statistics for Businesses #2)

Even though you will get more users on mobile devices, users that access your website through their desktop or tablet are more likely to make a purchase (DynamicYield).

  • Average Desktop Conversion Rate - 4.2%

  • Average Tablet Conversion Rate - 3.84%

  • Average Mobile Conversion Rate - 2.97%

Conversion rates also vary by industry, so depending on your offerings you can expect different conversion percentages.

  • Food & Beverage - 4.83%

  • Multi-Brand Retail - 4.53%

  • Consumer Goods - 4.43%

  • Pet Care & Veterinary Services - 3.81%

  • Fashion, Accessories, and Apparel - 3.08%

  • Beauty & Personal Care - 2.89%

  • Luxury & Jewelry - 1.63%

  • Home & Furniture - 1.43%

Important Web Statistics for Businesses #3)

94% of first impressions of your business online relate to web design, 89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor experience on a website, and 74% of online users are more likely to return to mobile and user friendly websites (WebFX).

Important Web Statistics for Businesses #4)

E-Commerce revenue totaled $811 Billion in 2022, and is estimated to grow by an average of $120 Billion per year until 2027, reaching over $1.4 Trillion (Statista).

Important Web Statistics for Businesses #5)

The average cart abandonment rate is 70.19% (Baymard Institute), and there are many reasons a user could decide to abandon their cart.

  • "55% of shoppers abandon carts due to unexpected fees, including shipping costs."

  • "21% abandon the site due to complicated or lengthy checkout experiences."

  • "17% cite lack of trust as cause for abandonment, fearing credit card theft or other security concerns" (DynamicYield).


Ensuring your online presence is optimized for converting your audience into customers is not an easy task, but HughesWeb Solutions has the experience to help your business succeed. Reach out to us today if you are in need of an online makeover, or if you need to start your business website from scratch. We provide affordable and rapid development for any necessity, and take into account all of these important web statistics for businesses when crafting solutions for our clients.

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